Sunday, September 21, 2014

A new month dawns

Today, Sally is 13 months old. She is finally looking and acting like she's getting over the ear infection and cough/cold she's been struggling with all month.  She's smiling easily again: her sweet, happy self. This is a relief. Crankiness combined with her usual level of deviousness is, it turns out, not a fun combination, and she was starting to get a bit of a reputation at daycare.

As far as this latest family virus goes, I'm a few days behind Sally, and Walter's a few days behind me.  I have hope for him and for me based on Sally's recovery, but it could take awhile. Walt's not at his best these day, but he's trying, and with both of them there are always such bright and wonderful moments in with the difficult times.  They are determined little people.

I'm too tired to write more ... it has been a month of no sleep, and I am worn down to the fraying edges of my being. But I want to record: today was a good day, for both kiddos and both parents.

Where there are naps, there is hope.