Sunday, October 19, 2014

Laziest Blog Post Ever

In which I copy facebook status updates and compile them into a blog post.  *Sigh.* New blogging low, reached. The good news is that both children are healthy again, but in the month since my last post we've had a rough time indeed.  Sally learned how to use an inhaler, which demonstrated that she's incredibly reasonable and cooperative when she believes that what she's doing is entirely her idea.

Even in the most sleepless, snot-filled, terrible times, I manage to document some fun Walter witticisms on facebook.  The written statuses are mostly about Walter, because he's a talker, and the photos I post are mostly of Sally, because she smiles for the camera (it is entirely her idea to do so.)  No time or energy for photos tonight, but hopefully those will come soon.  Sally turns 14 months old on Tuesday, and Walter turns 3 on Wednesday.  Lots to catch up on, and lots to celebrate, but in the meantime ... some recent glimpses of the brilliance that is Walter:

Walter: What are little sisters made of?
Me: I don't know. What are little sisters made of?
Walter: (surveying his little sister.) Eyes ...
Me: Yes. 
Walter ... and cake! 

Walter at worship this morning, looking around at all the people gathered: "All these people are Jesus."

Walter, age almost-three, on the absurdity of advertising:
"Mama, why does that mini wheat have a face?"
"He's like a mascot, or a spokesperson. He's trying to get you to buy and eat more mini wheats."
(Pause.) "But Mama ... he IS a mini wheat."
"I know buddy, I know."

After dinner with K. and J., Walter says "*sigh* What a lovely evening."

Just overheard Walter asking Sean why our Christmas garland is still up. Oh, Walter ... someday your parents will have it all together, I promise.

Got put in my place tonight when I went to the stove to warm up a tortilla. Walter: "NO! You are a Mama! You are not a Dada! You can't cook!"

Today Sean said, "Look, Sally found your toy hammer" and Walter sang, "If I had I hammer! I'd hammer in the morning ..." Tonight, I said, "We're having church at the river tomorrow" and Walter sang, "When I went down in the river pray ..."
I love that boy. 

(It's true.  I do!)