Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby or Indigestion?

Had a good, quick and routine visit to Dr. M's office this Monday.  The nurse tech always makes me feel like I'm in good hands.  On this visit she said, "There are no proteins or sugars in your urine, so we know your liver and your kidney are doing well."  Kidney.  Singular.  She remembered!  That makes me feel very cared for indeed.

And then she made my day again.

Nurse C: Are you feeling the baby move?
Me: I can't tell.  I think so.  I can't tell if it's the baby or indigestion.
Nurse C: Does it make you fart?
Me: No.
Nurse C: Then it's the baby!
Me: Sweeeeeeet!

So, I think I've been sensing some movement.  A little scooting here and there.  Still can't say for sure, though ... I've been kind of overdoing it with the dairy products. 

Heartbeat: very easily found, hanging out in the 150-160 range.  I wonder if I'll ever hear it without crying.  Nurse B. said I could come in any time just to listen.  That's pretty awesome.

Other than dehydration, I seem to be "progressing well."  Get ready for some electrolytes, baby!  Next appointment is May 31--ultrasound!  If Little Scooter is not overly modest, we'll have some more news to share.  In the meantime, electrolytes.  Throughout the pregnancy so far my beverage of choice has been an extra large Ovaltine right before bed.  Sean captured these glimpses into our decadent, glamorous lifestyle.  Cheers!

A fine, chilled Ovaltine

OJ and Metamucil, stirred

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