Thursday, July 7, 2011

A sympathetic ear

Well, my strategy of avoiding reading any of our baby books really backfired on me last month, when my sympathetic pregnancy -- deprived of any solid background research -- manifested as high fever, body aches, difficulty breathing... and let's just say plenty of bathroom time to catch up on my reading. Did you know that newborns can identify their parents by smell? Two baby books later and five pounds lighter, I'm rounding out my second sympathetic trimester much more comfortably, thankyouverymuch. (Annie suggests I've gotten off easy, but that's just her sympathetic sympathetic pregnancy talking.)

Do you know who, on the other hand, is incredibly healthy? With an official prognosis of "strong like ox?" (Well, I made that prognosis, but it's valid.) Walter Paul. Annie's most recent doc visit yielded the attached ultrasound-clip of the boy's ticker. Give it a listen... what do you hear? Do you think he's lion-hearted? Generous? Kind?


Mama Sue said...

Lionhearted. Generous. Kind. Brave. True. Funny. Smart. Loving.

Pastor Annie said...

Have to add this related story:
Sean got home from work and we all settled down in Hank's spot at the top of the stairs, giving Hank some belly rubs and talking about our days. After a bit, Hank fell asleep, sprawled out next to us. I got out my phone to play Sean the heartbeat recording I'd gotten earlier that day. As soon as it started, Hank woke with a start. He leaped to his feet, tail wagging, ears up, joyful and curious and following the sound. We're not sure what it means ... Sean's guess (supported by Audrey) is that Hank has heard Walt's heartbeat before. "Hey! I know that sound! I know that baby!" It could also remind him of being a puppy in the womb. Whatever it was, he recognized it and loved it. Pretty cool!