Wednesday, November 23, 2011

By any other name

Our baby started out with one nickname: Scooter.  He got that nickname very early on, in the very early morning when I woke up, compulsively took yet another home pregnancy test, got a positive result, and crept back into bed with Sean saying: "We're going to have a little Scooter!"  It's a good nickname indeed.  

Now that the Scooter has arrived, however, the nicknames are proliferating. We pretty much call him anything that comes into our heads in the moment. Here's a short list of the current favorites (feel free to add "little" before all of these for maximum cuteness):

Check out that monkey butt!
Monkey Butt
Snookie (Don't judge me.  It just comes out. I won't let reality TV ruin a perfectly good nickname!)

Some of these are rather specific to infant Walter and I imagine will not continue to be used beyond a certain age.  We got a hearty chuckle, though, out of imagining Grandma Sue meeting Walt's prom date at the door saying, "Oh! Are you here for Monkey Butt?"

Another example of pre and post birth differences in our lives: you may recall that I wrote a beautiful lullaby for Walter.  This lullaby turns out to be completely useless, because I can't sing it without crying. Like, can't get through the first two words.  It sums up all my love for this little guy so perfectly and that's a little too much for me at 2 am.  So, what do we sing while rocking Walt to sleep? Lots of things. We tend to prefer bluegrass, although Walt really seems to dig the "Ta oomba oomba oomba whoa-oh-oh" part of Paul Simon's song "African Skies" (oh the Graceland album!  Baby likes good music!) The best, though, is a cowboy ballad Sean composed for Walt one of his first nights home from the hospital.  It goes like this:

Hey little Walter
Hey little Walter
Why do you fuss do you fuss up a storm?
Hey little Walter
Hey little Walter
You've fussed and you've fussed since the day you was born.

You fuss and you fight and you fight and you fuss
If you could speak well I think you would cuss
You fight and you fuss and you fuss and you fight
If you had teeth well I think you would bite

(Repeat chorus)

This lullaby is much more fun and appropriate for late night singing.  Speaking of sleeping Walter ... he's sleeping again!  The boy took my challenge to make me a liar and ran with it (well ... snoozed with it.)  He had a great nap yesterday afternoon and did pretty well last night, too.  Now he and Grandpa are asleep in the guest room and both snoring quite contentedly.  

A good day. =)


Grandma Sue said...

Additional pet names: Love Muffin, Scooter City, Nugget. Thanks to the Carter's for inspiring Monkey Butt.

My dad's nickname for me was "Dokka" which got shortened to "Duck" which was misinterpreted by friends. Paul's dad called his sister "Tidder" which got shortened to "Tid" which became her official name. Baby Annie named my mom "Umma," and I hope Baby Walter will christen me with a grandmotherly name, too.

cogsworth said...

somethings don't change. naps are still the best thing ever.

wishing all the sleep you can get, and sending all our love!