Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who's on firsts?

We tend to batch most of Walter's firsts in the monthly round-ups—he's developing so quіckly he seems to tick a handful off every day, and we'd rather spend our few waking hours enjoying the little guy (or napping.) But this one, I had to report right away.

This one is huge: today, Walter told his first joke.

Okay, he can't speak English yet, but it was definitely a joke. He told it twice, to Annie and then to me, his delivery was impeccable*, and we all cracked up.

Perfect timing: While snuggling/playing one-on-one with us, he maneuvered himself out of our line of sight, and then started nursing on Annie's knee and my elbow. When we craned around to see his face, he gave us this huge grin, "This isn't for nursing—breasts are for nursing!"

Of course, for the first month or so, he would nurse blindly on anything he could get in front of him. But this was different—he wasn't hungry at all and he was really deliberate about it, staying "latched" until he got our attention. When I started laughing at his joke, he broke into big giggle fit.

I realize I'm getting into "a joke explained…" territory here. I guess you had to be there. But don't worry, you'll get your chance; he'll be here all week.

*This was refreshing—his earlier delivery could best be described as labored. No joke.


Grandma Sue said...

A sure sign of brilliance! Annie's first joke--that I noticed--came around her 12 month, give or take a month. She slapped her hand on the refrigerator, proclaimed "HOT!" and broke into giggles.

It took me a second (no announcing rim shot), so she did it again.

Anonymous said...

:) ~the kentucky clan