Friday, March 22, 2013

It's better than that

There's a classic Lou and Peter Berryman song, embedded in my brain since my early early childhood, about how awesome it is to be an adult. The lyric that I remember best is "Take 50 grand/ To Disneyland/ It's better than that."  When I was a kid, the irony of this song (and all other Berryman songs, really) was pretty much lost on me.  I assumed that being an adult really was all dessert before dinner and going to bed whenever the heck you feel like it.  As I got older and took on more and more adult responsibilities, I realized ...

... it's true.  Being an adult is awesome.

Stay with me, here.  There are times when my belief in this truth is tested, even deeply shaken.  There have been several times this week, even.  Mostly we struggle with home ownership and and the endless list of things to do and fix and pay for, all priorities.  Money and house stuff have been very stressful, lately.  It hasn't helped that I've been so sick, which takes up a lot of my time and energy, leaving Sean to focus his time and energy on all these other adult worries.

But on Wednesday night we got home from Lenten midweek service, put Walter to bed, retrieved two perfect pieces of pie from their hiding place in our workshop/box room (project #482,) picked up some forks, went upstairs, got into bed and turned on the TV.

*Sigh of complete contentment*

As we snuggled in and did our best not to get crumbs in the bed, "It's better than that" played merrily on the accordion in my mind.  No irony.  Not in that moment, at least.

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