Monday, April 1, 2013

More than enough

Walter's new absolute favorite song is "Dayenu," a Passover song which means "It would have been enough" in Hebrew.  There are verses, but Sean and I only know the chorus, which is pretty catchy. "Day-day-enu, day-day-enu, day-day-enu, dayEnu, dayenU! (Dayenu.)" Walter loved it from the first moment he heard it and now requests it often and sings along: "Nanu! Nanuuuu!"

At his request, we sang it to him tonight as a lullaby, and he kept asking for us to sing it again. "Nanu! More!"

At first I thought it was kind of funny, to never be able to get enough of the "it would have been enough" song.  But it actually shows a fairly deep theological understanding on Walter's part.  The song is about how God delivers God's people, again and again.  It would have been enough if God had just done it once, but God keeps going, giving more and more and more.  God gives and loves abundantly; God is more than enough.

Also, it is a really fun word to say.


Umma Sue said...

Words to live by, Pr. Annie Mommy!
Baba and I thought we should learn the chorus, in case called upon to sing it.

Pastor Annie said...

That's the song!