Monday, June 10, 2013

Dancing belly, amazing boy

Right at the moment I'm a little distracted by my dancing belly.  I love this part of the pregnancy, where baby's movements are so big I don't just feel them, I can see them.  Anyone who happens to be looking could see them, too.  It's so weird and wonderful.

Trimester three, month #7, has begun in earnest, and I am definitely super pregnant.  All my appointments with Dr. M between now and my due date are scheduled.  The c-section will be scheduled, soon.  I've had my glucose test (no gestational diabetes, yay!) and all my numbers are looking stellar.  Sally's heartbeat and movements are strong and delightful.

There is terrible heartburn, there is an almost constant need to pee, there's muscle pain, there's a great deal of hunger.  There are weird, vivid, exhausting dreams: usually I'm planning a huge event or yelling at people for no good reason.  These I'm familiar with from being pregnant with Walter.  But there are some differences, too.  I'm still able to wear my wedding ring, which I couldn't do from the first trimester on with Walter.  My hands and feet are just starting to get slightly swollen, but nothing like the first time.  I'm not as heavy and I look better overall: healthier.  And I'm not on bedrest.  That's a pretty big difference, right there.

I'm grateful for my good health, and for Sally's.  Next week we fly to Philly and head to the shore to visit with Sean's family for a week; I was worried I might be too pregnant to have any fun, but I think I'll be OK.  Maybe some whimpering, but OK.  I'm looking forward to seeing Walter run around on the sand.

Walter is all sorts of remarkable, as you know.  Tonight he counted to ten.  On his own he can count to six quite reliably.  He is a very good dancer.  He's still not very consistent with identifying different colors, but he's intrigued by the idea and he's working on it.  He opened up to one of the kids at church on Sunday and demonstrated his excellent command of every possible animal noise, including giraffe and camel.  He's been doing that for so long that I hardly think about it anymore, but D. was so impressed.  "Listen to the this!" he told us.  "He's AMAZING!"
Mama, Walt and Sally: pretty amazing

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