Thursday, January 16, 2014

How about that to you?

 Here's a short list of adorable Walter speech patterns that we are absolutely not allowed to giggle at in front of him:

  • When proposing a plan for what we should do next, Walter will say "How about that?"or "How about that to you?" Example: "Mama, you want to play with blocks? How about that to you?"
  • As in the example above, he's also all about telling us what we want to do. "Mama, you want to sit down and you want to eat more cereal and more milk right now."
  • Many, many things are required "right now." 
  • While immediacy is important, so is patience. Walter also frequently punctuates his playtime discussions with "Just a minute" and "Not yet."  He likes to pick out some of the blocks we're building with and put them under Sally's pack n' play to bake. "Do you want to use these blocks, Walter?" "No. Not yet. Just a minute. They need to bake.  Right here, in the tunnel. *pause* THEY'RE READY!"*  
  • When more time for an activity is required, Walter asks for two minutes. Just two minutes, Mama and Dada. C'mon. Two. Minutes.
  • Totally out of the blue the other night: "Thanks, Mama.  Thanks for talking to me!

*This may also be a good time to reveal that nearly all toy and objects in our house are at some point utilized in imaginative play baking and cooking.  His workbench (with saw, screwdriver, and other tools and such) produces excellent make-believe cake and oatmeal. It also frequently becomes a check out counter for our trips to the grocery.

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3d8th said...

I love that he turns everything into a kitchen! Has he started making playdo "cakes" and "cookies" yet?