Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am lifted

I have a lot of catching up to do, but here's what happened today:

Sean brought Walter and Sally home from daycare.  He transferred Walter to my arms and I got a great hug. Walter held on and I did, too, so he didn't get down right away.  We chatted a little about his day ... it was good, he played with Legos and the dollhouse. He was pleased that he'd gotten to listen to Great Big Sea in the car on the ride home. Then he said something that I didn't quite catch.  I asked him to repeat it and he got embarrassed, but said it again. "I am lifted," he said.  It's a line from a Great Big Sea song, and it also happened to be literally true at that moment.

Sally was happy to see me, too, and in a very pleasant mood. She's finally starting to really get better after being sick with terrible cough, congestion, fever and general mucus-y icky-ness for a week and a half. Tonight I picked her up and she gave me and actual, honest-to-goodness, hug. It's a remarkable feeling the first time your baby intentionally hugs you. She's always been snuggly, but this was something different.  She also gives real kisses, and has been doing that for awhile.  As with Walter, I thought it was probably just a hunger cue at first. But she does it now when she's clearly not hungry: grabbing my face with both hands and pulling me to her face for a big, open-mouthed smooch.  It's goopy and wonderful.

I don't know how they knew I needed hugs and kisses today, but I did and I'm glad I got them.  Walter demanded dancing during dinner--Mama, you want to dance with Dada right now--and we did a polka.  Both kids watched us with big eyes, smiling a little.

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3d8th said...

Kids are so good at knowing when you need a lift. Hooray for kisses and sweet kids; and Great Big Sea of course.