Monday, May 14, 2012


Baby Walter says: "Paper makes me smile!"
Is your baby teething? Moody? Inconsolable? Do you shower him with toys, affection and attention ... to no avail? He seems to be asking you for something ... but what is it?

Mothers and fathers, what your baby wants is PAPER. Crisp, clean, crunchy, Paper Brand paper. Hours of happy, wholesome, economical entertainment guaranteed.*  Make your baby grin and giggle with delight, just like Baby Walter.** Next time your baby reaches for a toy, let him reach out and grab some paper.  And remember: a piece of paper brings peace of mind!

*Not actually a guarantee. Paper Brand paper is not responsible for any paper cuts that may occur. Do not let your baby play with paper unattended.
**Baby Walter is the official spokesbaby of Paper Brand paper and has been paid in paper for his endorsement.

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