Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Walter is always inventing games.  Once he's created a game, he focuses on it with a level and quantity of attention that far outstrips the attentions spans of his parents.

Sometimes, Mama and Dada aren't so crazy about these games.  The one where he throws his toys at us, says "ow" and laughs hysterically: not my favorite.  The one where he throws himself at me, full force, endangering both our noggins: not a fan.

But this morning offered two great examples of fantastic Walter games.  The first happened during breakfast.  He was playing with his food, which sometimes gets out of hand, so I was wary.  He took one of his pieces of peanut butter toast and moved it around his tray, making some sound effects I didn't recognize at first. Seeing my quizzical look, Walt stopped what he was doing, looked up and explained: "Car." Then he went back to his game, which ended with the peanut butter toast car driving into his mouth and a hearty "Ahhhhhhummm. Nom nom nom."

After breakfast, Walter went to one of his favorite spots to play: our drawer full of boxes of tea.  Many a delightful game has come to us courtesy of Celestial Seasonings.  Today, Walter played the game where he takes the tea bags out of the box and counts them.  Well, usually Mama and Dad count them.  But today, the counting was done by Walter.  "One. Two. Three. Five. O. X. P. Three. G."

Creative counting and imaginative play with toast: awesome.

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