Saturday, May 25, 2013


I think this is a toddler thing, or maybe it's just a toddler Walter thing, but he's often all about the EXTREME JOY or EXTREME SORROW these days. (Sean: "make that 'screeching, wailing sorrow.'")  That's what makes this moment we had yesterday worth writing down, even though I've been documenting an awful lot lately.

We went for a family walk after dinner, even though Walter was super tired and already melting down.  Hank had a little meltdown of his own when Sean and Walter left the house first and he thought I might try to sneak out without him.  He came as close to putting his own harness on as a creature without thumbs can come.  But, once we were all outside together, we all calmed down and were able to really enjoy evening.

The best part came right at the end, when Hank and I sat down on the porch steps while Sean held Walt and clapped the daycare sand out of his shoes.  Walt indicated that he wanted to sit down, too, and he and Sean scooted in on the steps next to us.  Walt took off his socks, looked up at the still-warm sun, looked out at our crazy lawn, looked at Hank and Daddy and finally me.  Our eyes met and he smiled this perfect smile of complete contentment.  Quiet, not at all extreme, everything was just right.

"Nice?" I said.
"Nice," He said, nodding.

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