Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walter has

Today, after I gave Walter a blessing and Sean communion, on their way back to their seats, Walter asked Sean: "Dada has?" ("What does Dada have?")
"Walter eat it?"
"Yeah, do you want to eat it? Let's talk to Mama about it."
So, after church we went to the kitchen where I gave Walter an unconsecrated wafer to try.  We've been wanting to share communion with him since he started eating solids, but I wanted to make sure he wouldn't spit it out. "Do you want to try communion?" "Yes!"  I gave him the wafer and he was delighted. He took it from me and ate it with glee.
As we were about to leave the kitchen, Walter ran back in to the cupboard where I'd gotten the wafer and tried to open it.  "More communion!"he said.
"You'll get more next week, you'll take communion with Dada. Good?"
Very good indeed. =)

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