Saturday, July 27, 2013

What am I missing?

Trying to come up with a good to-do list to get us focused and moving on Project: Welcome Home Sally.  What am I missing?

Pack hospital suitcase

  • going home clothes for Mama
  • nightie for Mama
  • going home clothes for Sally (newborn and 0-3 mos)
  • make up bag 
  • toilettry bag: tooth brushes, tooth paste, moisturizer, face soap, lip goop, shampoo, mouthwash, hair brush
  • Present from Sally to Walter, wrapped
  • Present from Walter to Sally, wrapped (Baba bring this when he brings Walter to the hospital, let Walter carry it and give it to Sally)
  • Snacks for Dada and Umma/Baba/Walter
  • Some kind of snack to share with nurses and other staff (festive M & M's?)
  • Sean's "It's Time!" hat
  • Werther's hard candy 
  • Camera with lots of room on cards and charged batteries
  • cell phone chargers
  • two jammies
  • two outfits
  • diapers, travel wipes
  • soft toy to sleep with
  • sippy cup
  • toy to play with
  • new toothbrush
  • book or two

Get car seat and bases ready to install.  Install now?  Can Hank ride in back back of little car if we clean it out and keep it clean for him, with blankie?

Put together the double stroller

Get bassinet ready

Bouncer and swing ready to go

Gather and sanitize all binkies and eye droppers

Get pack n' play ready (find homes for Walter toys in pack n' play.  Sort Walter toys?

Sort and wash and put away Sally clothes, newborn to 6 months

Get bed linens, receiving blankets, burp clothes ready and in cubbies downstairs 

Buy diapers: newborns through size 2


Nursing supplies clean and ready to go: pump and all accessories, manual pump, nursing pads, boppy pillow and covers, new nursing cover washed and ready (need more than one?)

Giant pads for Mama recovery, pads for floor and bed (still have some)

Thoroughly clean Walter's high chair

Clean out fridge and freezer

Restock freezer with spag pie and other easy-to-heat casseroles

Make banana bread, freeze

Make hearty cookies (banana chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin,) freeze

Get pew, kitchen counters, entry way, living room, bookshelves and other surfaces as clean and organized as possible

Learn how to use a baby carrier or two. Try Ergo Baby?

Embroidery project for Sally's room. 

Thank you cards and stamps purchased, written, addressed, ready to go when we get the first pictures printed

Update announcement email list

Emergency #'s ready: R's for Hank, K's and A's for Walter pick up (logistics: day care pick up authorized? car seat?)

Walter overnight bag packed and ready to go


mjohnson said...

You are NESTING! :) Enjoy these last days of preparation.

3d8th said...

gives me a total happy that the hat is being put to good use.

It sounds like you have it all and if you forget anything you will have a pleothora of people willing to buy/pick up and bring it to you.