Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ready or Not!

I think we're ready.  You know, as ready as we can be.

Walter, who has been introspective lately as Sally's due date draws near, was extra subdued tonight.  I think he's worried about tomorrow.  I'm worried, too.  But Umma and Baba are here, which always makes it feel like a party, and Sean made an amazing dinner.  We even had "doot-doot" cake, which broke through Walter's somber mood and brought out quite a smile.  And that made us all smile (also, the cake was delicious.)

Our bags are as packed as they can be, just waiting for a few last minute additions.  The to-do list has largely been to-done.  I even managed to get a haircut (very cute) and my terrible talon-like toenails taken care of. Operation: Operation Sally is a go!

I'm pretty scared and very excited.  I think I'll be able to get a little sleep tonight, though.  Today was a busy day.  Tomorrow will be an extraordinary day.  Sally, I'm so excited to meet you!  God bless us and keep us, both. 

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