Monday, August 19, 2013


I think Walter is ready, not only for a sibling, but for life in general.

Here are some skills he's added to his repertoire in the past few days:

Punning. Walter has always enjoyed word play and telling jokes, but this seemed like a new level to me:
Me: OK, time for jammies!
Walter: No! Peanut butter and jam-mies! (sly smile.  When we laugh, he laughs hysterically and repeats the joke.)

Small talk. The boy can talk about the weather.  This skill will get him far in Wisconsin.
Sean: It's going to be, like, 85 today.  It's like it's summer or something.
Walter: Too hot!

Philosophizing.  Life is hard, sometimes.  It's good to keep things in perspective.
Walter (recovering from almost falling down): Whoa. Slippy.
Sean: Did you almost slip?
Walter: Ja. It happens.

Yup.  Ready to take on the world. 

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