Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wrote too soon ...

As soon as I finished my update last night, it needed an update. (Sigh.) Here goes:

Walter: rough night last night, complete with lots of coughing.  Good nap today, though, and in good spirits.

Sean: Pink eye.  No one likes having pink eye, but Sean tends to take it as a sign that the world and all its germs are out to get him, personally.  Paranoia and pink eye go hand-in-hand in this house.  And you'd better believe we are washing those hands, thoroughly and repeatedly with clean towels.  Fortunately (?) we get pink eye a lot in this house, and always seem to have extra eye drops on hand when one of us, inevitably, starts getting pink and pus-y on the weekend.  I predict Sean's eyes will be clear come tomorrow.

Me: Maintaining.

Sally: Enjoying the milkshake Mama just drank.

Hank: Sleeping on the couch.

We are not at our best, but we are fine.  And, if history gives any indication of future events, we will all rally for Sally's arrival.

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