Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Breaking radio silence...

In case you've been pining, just thought I'd drop a little note about where we've been. I've taken a couple days off from the Month of Many Moves to spend a little relaxing time at the office, while Annie continues her leisurely vacation folding and packing boxes in Connecticut. So refreshed we shall be when our paths re-converge this weekend.

Our doctor suggested living in the same state might improve our chances of conception.

Soon enough we'll be all settled in and back on the baby train. Which, I imagine is very cute, but just kind of rocks forward and back on the tracks, still trying to figure out the whole locomotion thing.

EDIT: I just realized this leaves the impression that our Wiederverinigung is imminent, when in fact we're just making the preparations for that to come at the end of the summer, after Annie has conquered the Greek.

1 comment:

Lisa Marie said...

Same state is good, same bed even better! :)

I feel happy knowing you'll be together again. Have a happy happy reunion!