Monday, May 7, 2007

A nod's as good as a wink...

As I recall, one of the thoughts that lead to the naming of the blog, was the concern that we not duplicate another baby blog already out there. After all, it's not "like we invented it."

What sold me on the name was the idea that we might feel just that - like we invented it - upon our first look at our child.

And while this is, technically, yet another meta post, I think it's actually fitting and appropriate that a baby blog might enjoy a discussion on naming. I know Annie and I have spent quite a lot of nights musing on the topic already.

Say no more.


Lisa Marie said...

Will you tell us the names you have that are in the running? :)

novelgazer said...

lisa marie,

Good call! We've got a couple favorites and runners-up; we'll gather those and the also-rans and put them up sometime soon.