Thursday, May 10, 2007

Second thoughts

(How's that for a sensational title?)

So, I may have been a bit hasty in promising Lisa Marie a comprehensive list of our potential baby names. The thing is, her very fair request coincidentally managed to pit the first two cardinal rules of baby blogging -- (1)full, graphic, obscene disclosure and (2)baby-name paranoia -- against each other. And, like the climax of every great Isaac Asimov story, Annie and I have been crippled with indecision, cycling through the possibilities, trying to resolve the inherent conflict.

Not to mix metaphors, but Annie "phoned a friend" or two and, with their council, we're leaning toward a decision. First, there's the whole issue of counting all your chicks in one handbasket. But more importantly, as our friends pointed out, this is the INTERNET and there are THIEVES. A sentiment which is surprisingly dear to my heart, as Annie can attest. So, for the time being, we won't be releasing our choices, not even under a Creative Commons license.

I will, however, share a theory on naming that Annie introduced me to when we first started flirting (with this idea of procreation): there is a subliminal, quasi-mystical importance to the acronym created by a child's initials. She learned it from her mom, a SEE. You can see how such a theory might appeal to an ACE, and I must admit it seems to really have worked out for her. As an SBE (née SBA) I really have no experience to draw on. It's very fun at least, and adds another level of intrigue to the baby naming process. How cool would it be to have not just a great name, but also a kickass monogram? And if they were tied together in meaning or form, all the cooler.

So, names that can almost certainly be ruled out:

Petrarch Engelberto Edison-Albright
Leroy Ignatius Edison-Albright
Alia Pomegranite Edison-Albright

Otherwise, we are open to suggestions.


Lisa Marie said...

Don't tell your readers this but Annie gave me a small list. I have my favorite which I gave her. ;)

Laura said...

If it is more convenient for acronyms, you could always use both E and A. (I have never been LLP, always LPS.) So you could have a SEA, a TEA, or if you work in the middle initial too, a PLEA, a FLEA, an ASEA, or if you want to get really tacky/creative, an IKEA. Of course, these might be permutations you want to specifically avoid, in which case, just sounding the alert!

novelgazer said...

And we have a winner! Inskü Købåt Edison-Albright. How did you figure out our number one?

The best part is, it'll work for a girl or a boy!

matermagna said...

Lisa: Your favorite is my favorite,too. Sean doesn't think he can pronounce it easily, though, which is a major baby name drawback.
Laura: Hee. IKEA. Using the EA does open up some more options, and I hadn't thought at all about the four letter possibilities!
My Swedish meatball of love: I'm glad to see you've finally embraced my Scandinavian heritage. =)

novelgazer said...

Lisa: Your secret is safe with me.
My, uhm, darling, uh, lingonberry: How could I not embrace the convenience of a child who packs flat for travel?

Josh Moon said...

This led to me thinking almost exclusively of vulgar or suggestive initials, none of which I need to disclose.

There is "IDEA," of course.
Basically, I agree with Laura. If you're going to consider it, might as well work the 'ea'.

"We refered to him as the 'hypothetical baby' and it just stuck!"

novelgazer said...

Josh: I have considered numbering to simplify things.

Arwen...who is still doing catch up reading said...

oooh I like IDEA that's an awesome monogram!