Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Corazon hermoso y burrito perfecto

No substantive update right now, just reporting that my echocardiogram went very well. Ultrasounds of the heart are so much cooler than abdominal ultrasounds--you can actually see stuff. The tech and cardiology fellow she was training were very sweet and funny: they kept calling my heart "beautiful." Like "Look at that left ventricle ... beautiful!" I haven't heard back from the cardiologist yet, but I'm guessing that "beautiful" means a healthy, normal heart, just as we expected. It was maybe a waste of a procedure, but it's nice to know that nothing's wrong, and Sean and I got to have lunch at the med school carts ... mmmm ... perfect burrito.

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audrey said...

i love echos... they show movement... you can actually watch the ventricles open and close, flapping happily away... i hear them sighing contentedly, like the doors in hitchhiker's guide... i also like when color doppler is used to watch the blood flow... and shaving the armpits of the puppies and kitties we're doing the echo on. definitely like the funny haircuts, definitely, definitely. back to my little hidey hole... geeks RULE!