Wednesday, July 11, 2007

To telos

I tried to copy and paste in my neat Greek font, but it didn't work. You get the idea, though. It is to telos, the end of summer Greek. I am feeling a little low on adrenaline, post-exam. I think it would be a good idea for hypothetical baby to learn Greek while his brain is spongy ... of course, I also think that about sign language and Spanish ... what do you all think? Which languages should we inflict on our baby?

Sean and I have recently made plans to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary by taking in the roller coasters at Hershey Park. We thought about the Poconos but decided that the heart-shaped jacuzzi and round, mirrored king bed could wait until we have kids and need a getaway weekend. For now, we can enjoy being two adult theme-park goers with long legs and patience for waiting in lines, and I can ride as many coasters as I want to (a benefit of not being pregnant yet.) We're also going to spend some time exploring New Jersey. Don't snicker ... it's going to be beautiful!

I go through phases in which I'm really optimistic about our chances of getting pregnant, and then there are times when I feel like, yeah, this really isn't going to happen. As with most things, Sean helps me put it all into perspective: we may get pregnant, he says, or we may not. Either way, this time we have with just the two of us will be fun, and maybe someday we'll adopt. It's going to work out, no hurry necessary. Sometimes I yearn for instant gratification, but no matter how you go about it, having a baby isn't an instantly gratifying thing (you know, that whole nine months thing, maybe even more time for adoption.) I'd venture that it's less the gratification of microwave popcorn and more the gratification of slow-cooked pork. Mmmmmm... pork sandwich. This child will be delicious!

Thanks to all who've been there for me--through the Internets or otherwise--during this tough time. I went through this crazy lonely phase and I'm just peeking my head out from it now, thanks in great part to my summer roomie, Kat, helping me get out of the house now and then. And tonight is Harry Potter! I know it won't exactly be a cheerful movie, but I am cheerful at the thought of seeing it.

And now, I think I've earned an afternoon nap. Time to clear the study aids off my bed. Erxesthe en irene!


novelgazer said...

>>For now, we can enjoy being two adult theme-park goers

Adult theme parks, eh? That sounds exciting! =)

matermagna said...

Doh! I rewrote that sentence 5 times to make sure it wasn't dirty.

Arwen said...

I think you're the only person who can conjure the image of eating your baby while simultaneously making me squirt milk out my nose.