Thursday, July 12, 2007

το τελος (that's what she said!)

So this is mostly just an advertisement for a neat little Unicode Greek input script that I found after reading Annie's last post. Frankly, Annie left me in the dust weeks ago, and without my textbook, I'm afraid I can't translate her title, let alone her closer.

While Annie paints my perspective on P:B as sort of zenlike, I should admit that it's probably more selfishpragmatic than that. We're coming up on one year of marriage in August, and roughly 2 years of interstate romance. (Turnpike romance doesn't really have the same ring, does it?) So, if it takes a while before we're parents — whether the old fashioned way, or through adoption or audioanimatronics — I'm glad to enjoy spending that time with my wife, being newlyweds. Certainly willing to put the time into trying, so to speak: have I ever told you the wonders Annie can work with a positronic matrix? Either way, we win.

“Goodnight, Irene”?


matermagna said...

ἔρχεσθε εν εἰρήνη
Go in peace!
Yeah, the inputter only works in firefox. We borg are displeased. Firefox will be assimilated ... resistance is futile ...

matermagna said...

Smeesh. The accented characters don't show up in Internet Explorer. I feel like Hugh, desperately renegotiating my post-borg identity.