Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Week Update

We are learning new things every day. For instance, based on data collected so far this Holy Week, Little Scooter Edison-Albright is completely fine with the following:

  • Mommy working from 8 am to 11 pm without a break.
  • Mommy staying up even later after work because she is way too excited and generally too wired to sleep.
  • Seder Meal food, including horseradish.  Really, totally fine with the horseradish.
Little Scooter WILL NOT tolerate:
  • Water and oyster crackers for breakfast.  These must be thrown up immediately.
There is already no reasoning with this child.  Pass the horseradish, please. 


Mommy said...

Data collection is a good, even if an unreliable, exercise. Today horseradish is great, tomorrow, not so great. Well, I think horseradish will always be great.

I was told a year or two ago that water is often a nauseating culprit. Hard to believe, but my unscientific data collection seems to confirm. A little sugary soda first thing in the a.m. might be best. More study is needed :^)

Easter blessings!

Traveling Mercies said...

i have been hooked on raspberry i know why! cheers to scooter, he can have my share of the horseradish :)