Friday, April 15, 2011

New Adventure in Pregnancy

And by "new," I mean probably as old as pregnancy itself.  I have to think that pulling over to the side of the road to throw up (or other public vomiting) is a basic rite of passage.  Everyone does it.  Right?  RIGHT?

Me: I'm so embarrassed.
Sean: Don't be.  You're pregnant.  This is what pregnant people do.  (Pause.) And drunk people.
Me: That's exactly what I've been thinking.  The people in that car behind us were saying, "She must be pregnant.  Or really drunk at 8 in the morning."
Sean: Or both!

Yesterday at a meeting of the Bishop's Theological Think Tank of Awesomeness (I may have added a flourish or two, there) we talked about the pastor as public persona, what it means to wear a clerical collar, etc.

As you might imagine, I am hoping against hope that my collar was not visible this morning.


Momes said...

The Bucket List:
* Keep a covered disposable bowl in the car at all times. Put a couple of paper towels in the bowl. Having plastic bags handy makes for discreet disposal.
* In the glove compartment or your purse, keep a little bottle of good-tasting mouthwash.
*Upon entering any building, notice where the restrooms are located.
*A little bottle of peppermint oil is handy to have. A dab can help block odor triggers.

Loves you!

Dalton said...

Suddenly the rumors (and whispered fears) of a drunken, effeminate new priest in the diocese make sense...

Pastor Julia said...

In about 2 months, you'll have to stop on the way home to pee. Trust me. There's a Walmart 4 miles from my house. I knew it well.

Anonymous said...

You need some airsick bags... very discreet to keep in your purse until the right moment. :)
- Katie Hammer

Pastor Annie said...

I feel like I have a mental block that keeps me from leaving the house prepared, like, "Surely I won't throw up again TODAY! I threw up yesterday!" Maybe by the time I get over that I'll be done with morning sickness. =) I'm flying to Minneapolis next week ... Katie, I am totally going to go through the aisles stealing air sickness bags! Discreetly.