Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Re-bootied: Part One

Here we are, almost 4 years later and 3 months pregnant. =)

How we got here is ... a story. (If you want to skip the story and go straight to the current excitement, go to Part II.)   Mostly it is an awesome story, involving adventures in Europe, the addition of Hank the Wonder Dog to our family, buying our first house, starting a first call to a wonderful congregation, other good stuff. There were some rough transitions in there, too.  Those were also, ultimately, good for us.  Like broccoli rabe for the soul.

It's been a heart-stretching time--our capacity for love stretched and broadened beyond what I ever expected. Almost 1 year ago (April 27, 2010) we had a miscarriage.  We were somewhere in the 5-6 week range and hadn't told our parents yet.  We were excited but nervous; I had a little bleeding throughout the pregnancy, and didn't have any nausea.  We knew those were bad signs. But we had a good feeling about The Bean; we imagined, planned, hoped and prayed.

The miscarriage came right as I was about to begin a chaplain residency rotation on OB/Peds.  I can't imagine a better way to work through that loss--surrounded by chaplains and other caregivers, working with babies and children and parents.  It was indeed a healing, heart-stretching time. 

Fast-forwarding a bit ... I got a call, Sean got a job, we bought a house, and the Edison-Albrights settled in and started to nest a bit.  We cautiously, and then rather persistently (charts and graphs, people) restarted Project: Baby.   On February 3 (my dad's birthday) we got a positive pregnancy test.

Whew!  That catches us up, I think.  Passing the blogging baton to Sean for Part II!

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